Monday 3 August 2015

Lycamobile Cash Prize Winner 2024

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Lycamobile Head Office WhatsApp Number. +19188444473

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What to be aware of

Unfortunately, some of our customers have been receiving unsolicited phone calls or texts telling them that they have won a public lottery.

This is fraud. The caller may aim to get you to ring a premium rate phone number where you will then be kept you on the line for as long as possible, being charged a very high rate per minute. They may also ask you to pay a fee to release the money that they say you have won. Again, this is fraud. Once you have paid the fee, communication may end and you will ultimately not receive any money. They may then call you again to ask for more money.
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What to do if you receive this call
Please try your best to keep a record of the following information:

Incoming number
Time and date of call/text
Description of the caller (gender, apparent age, language used, accent/dialect)
Was there any background noise, if so what?
What words were used are they using a script?
What details did they give?

Fraud prevention advice...

Never give out your number (they may ask you to confirm your number dont).
Never give out any personal details (e.g. name, address, date of birth, bank details, family names etc.).
Ask them what number they dialled they probably do not know.
Ask them what time of day it is where they are.
Ask them which lottery they represent.
Ask them how you entered the lottery.
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